Justine Figueiredo – Art Direction and Graphic Design

Justine Figueiredo is an Art Director and Graphic Designer. Discover her latest works including brand identities, logos and posters design, illustration, photo shooting art direction…



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Le salon de Backgammon
2022: Festival d’Arts Visuels IC.ON.IC, Amiens, France
Sans Filet
2018: Sans Filet by Welchrome, Le Concept, Calais, France
Frammenti Di Due
2021: Frammenti Di Due II, Associazione Gas, Trento, Italy
2020: Frammenti Di Due, Frammenti Serigrafia, Trento, Italy
2017: Psi•ke•de•lik, La Lune des Pirates, Amiens, France
Let’s Own the Dancefloor
2017: Let’s Own the Dancefloor, ÉSAC Cambrai, Cambrai, France

Rapus, curated by s-y-n-d-i-c-a-t, ÉSAD Amiens, France, 2015

Ficciones Typografika 202-204

2014: Ficciones Typografika 202-204, Minneapolis, USA