Justine Figueiredo – Art Direction and Graphic Design

Justine Figueiredo is an Art Director and Graphic Designer. Discover her latest works including brand identities, logos and posters design, illustration, photo shooting art direction…



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Justine Figueiredo is a freelance graphic designer and a multidisciplinary artist.
She lives and works in Paris, FR.

In 2016, she created Let’s Own the Dancefloor, a research project that questioned the status of the merchandises published by the English record label Factory Records that have featured in several exhibitions. Still counting new additions every year, Let’s Own the Dancefloor continues to consider the multiple as a medium through the prism of bootleg and fan art.


Clients & Collaborations

Casa da Música Porto, Christian Lacroix, Reebok, Vinyl Factory 1964, Ville de Chaumont, Very French Gangsters, RockyPop Hotels, Jardivrac, Uninterrupted, FGO Barbara, Mazette Lunettes, ANdÉA, L’Astrolabe, La Lune des Pirates, École Supérieure d’Art de Cambrai, S-y-n-d-i-c-a-t…

Music & bands: Alessio Peck, Attawalpa, Buke And Gase, Celebration Days Records, Cheap Wine, Collatéral, The Cult of Dom Keller, DZ Deathrays, Hapyness, Kwaidan Records, The Lazy Faithfull, LIFE, Periods, Shay, Structures, Yo & The South, Yuck…



Octobre 2021: The Bootleg Brigade, Le Concept, Calais
Octobre 2021: Merchandising Viral, Biennale de design graphique, Le Signe, Chaumont
Octobre 2021: The Bootleg Brigade, PREAC design graphique, Le Signe, Chaumont



Étapes, France Télévision, La Voix de la Haute Marne, Ficciones Typografika



2021: Frammenti Di Due II, Associazione Gas, Trento, Italy.
2020: Frammenti Di Due, Frammenti Serigrafia, Trento, Italy.
2019: Gig poster exhibition, Mainsquare Festival, Arras, France.
2018: Sans Filet by Welchrome, Le Concept, Calais, France.
2018: Let’s Own the Dancefloor, Machine du Moulin Rouge, Paris, France.
2017: Let’s Own the Dancefloor, ÉSAC Cambrai, Cambrai, France.
2017: Psi•ke•de•lik, La Lune des Pirates, Amiens, France.
2015: Volumes, Independant Fair, Zurich, Switzerland.
2015: Ficciones Typografika 958-960, Minneapolis, USA.
2015: Rapus, curated by s-y-n-d-i-c-a-t, Ésad, Amiens, France.
2015: Come to See my Stuff, Galerie l’Escalier, Cambrai, France.
2014: 20/20 des écoles d’Art, mois du Graphisme, Échirolles, France.
2014: Ficciones Typografika 202-204, Minneapolis, USA.