Year: 2017
For: Graduation Project

Let's Own The Dancefloor

        Let's Own The Dancefloor is a participatory exhibition project based on the English music label Factory Records. Founded in 1978 in Manchester by Tony Wilson, Alan Erasmus and Peter Saville, the label of Joy Division, New Order and the Stone Roses is known both for its musical catalog as for its album art visuals, or its production of goodies. The label opens its own club in 1982, under the name of Fac 51 - The Haçienda. The club was epicenter of the Rave and Acid-House movement, but sadly it closed its doors in 1997. 30 years after the club closed, the history of Factory Records continues to fascinate. Goodies from the early times of Factory, mass-producted objects that had little value at the time are becoming now collectibles.Let's Own The Dancefloor tries to revive this musical and visual epic, through the Haçienda, one of the label's major creations, by exhibiting works that can become potentially serial, as you can order it on-demand. Find the whole story on the Let's Own The Dancefloor website.